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Share Chill Playlists :)


Share Chill Playlists :)

Hey, looking for new songs or playlists to check out so feel free to post songs or playlists you love right now!


Here are 4 of my chill playlists... 'fallingforyou', 'introspective', 'unwind' and 'Easy'

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If you like electronic music i have a playlist for you🙂

If y'all are anything like me, your anxiety is through the roof with everything going on right now. It can be hard to settle down and go to bed. 

So, I made a multi-genre playlist with melodic and soothing songs only. Hope it helps 🙂

"Tell her to chill." "It's cool, Vincent! It's cool! Don't do a **bleep** thing. Yolanda, it's cool baby, nothin's changed. We're still just talkin'. (to Pumpkin) Tell her we're still cool."


Here is my chill playlist of deep minimal house jams. minimal vocals but maximum groove. Hope you enjoy and please give it a follow if you do!



Hey, everyone! Please check out my new chill playlist! if the world is to end when the sun rises by drxwningpetals 

For when it's 20 degrees and the sun sets at 4pm

This is a playlist that I've created to mix the Chill music with the Afterlife type to stay focused and relax at the same time. The name is Xenoverse and is one of the musicverse I have created. If you like it, or you have any suggestions please let me know!

This is my favorite to study or relax to. great for driving and thinking

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