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Share Your Chill Playlists!


Share Your Chill Playlists!

Everything chill, any genre.


This is a place not only to share your playlists with me but to share them with the community! Hopefully I will make a Community Playlist with the best songs that you've put forward. If everyone could put forward 2 or 3 songs of their choice just to get the playlist started that would be fantastic! 

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Hey these are the 2 playlists that I listen to when I want to listen to a more mellow electronic music 🙂


Mixtape 11: Chill Step/Trap

Mixtape 10: Mellow Mix


Hope you like them!



Hi lukebotham1,


I share the song Innocence from Electric Youth. Great electronic chill song. Genre is retro new wave.

Hope you wil enjoy.

Greetings Roberto   


I made this playlist so long ago but it has a mix of almost every genre (rap, alternative, indie, pop, etc.). 

I listen to an pianolist every morning with breakfast. Very relaxing.


I've tweaked my playlist. It's called "on the couch" If you have a second, have a listen. Maybe even a follow to keep updated 🙂

This one doesn't have the word CHILL in it's title but it definately is chill! Cool new/indie dance tracks!


Indie Dance, Dirty Soul:


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