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Share Your Chill Playlists!


Share Your Chill Playlists!

Everything chill, any genre.


This is a place not only to share your playlists with me but to share them with the community! Hopefully I will make a Community Playlist with the best songs that you've put forward. If everyone could put forward 2 or 3 songs of their choice just to get the playlist started that would be fantastic! 

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Dark, ambient and drone. Chilled music with a darker twist


that's mine electronic/IDM/Avantgarde playlist! go listen and support with a follow!! it would be so appreciate 🙂

My playlist has grown loads since the last time I posted here so I just thought to give you all an updated post with it, enjoy and let me know what you thought about it 🙂

Hey Guys!

check my list with mostly Greek electro - chill tracks:

let me know what you think!



Une playlist chill pour un pique-nique/un déjeuner au soleil 😎☀️

Hi Likebotham,

Thanks for this! I am listening to Florencia Minniti, and I am hypnotized by the voice!!!! My favs: Blurry Visions , On My way and Reach My line. She has also Hostage ( more cinematic and a song in Spanish) Young female artist ! Here are the 3 songs , and I am also adding the youtube interview released by Chad ( music blogger?),,



This playlist will make you  feel like a villain from the 19th century


Hi Lukebotham1 ,

Thanks for creating this! Love to share Florencia Minniti!  Cheers! Vincent

My forever Chill playlist, very chill, very sexy. Forever adding, sort from Recently Added 👌


"A seductive sonic journey guaranteed to give goosebumps 🎧 R&B, slow, melodic, emotional 🥹 Flowy, crispy electronic vibes 🌊 Euphoric & mesmerizing 😍🫶"

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