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Share Your Chill Playlists!


Share Your Chill Playlists!

Everything chill, any genre.


This is a place not only to share your playlists with me but to share them with the community! Hopefully I will make a Community Playlist with the best songs that you've put forward. If everyone could put forward 2 or 3 songs of their choice just to get the playlist started that would be fantastic! 

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So far 430 chill songs. Adding more as time comes โค๏ธ

Hey everyone, I'm building a chill/vibey playlist that has songs with as many different languages as possible. It'll be great if anyone could give it a listen and give it a follow if you like it, I will try to keep it up to date with new songs/languages! It'll also be great if anyone could suggest new songs for me that might fit (non English songs and small artists preferred)

Iโ€™d like to contribute with Swedish singer Laleh.

Love this one, mostly Legend of Zelda/Nintendo!

Epic Lo-Fi Playlist by ThatGamerNerd837 

My favourite playlist. Very calm with a space feel:

35hrs & counting๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Each Light - Lucifer

<iframe style="border-radius:12px" src="" width="100%" height="352" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen="" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" loading="lazy"></iframe>

This playlist is a right place for your chillsynth, synthwave, chillhouse, tropicalhouse songs to make your time chill. You can send me your song to be added to this playlist.

A various mix of songs generally about emotions or how we feel!

Since the home page and the recommendation algorithm are terrible: 

i make almbient relaxing music maybe that would be something for you:)


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