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Share Your Chill Playlists!


Share Your Chill Playlists!

Everything chill, any genre.


This is a place not only to share your playlists with me but to share them with the community! Hopefully I will make a Community Playlist with the best songs that you've put forward. If everyone could put forward 2 or 3 songs of their choice just to get the playlist started that would be fantastic! 

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i love this playlist! its created by me and shows my favroiute songs i add to it a lot to not a lot of new music is put out into the community a lot so here it is i will add more songs to not a lot of new music is posted into spotify so i posted this i add to it frequently and full of good music

Hello, I'm Judit from Spain! These are soothing songs for Yoga and Meditation from the Mediterranean island, Menorca by sunrise or sunset by the sea!


Here's my playlist with chill Golden Era Hip Hop only - hope you appreciate it!


<iframe src="" width="100%" height="380" frameBorder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

This playlist started as covers only but soon blew out into a great playlist to throw on after lunch when everyone’s sleepy and full of food!


dropping my playlist featuring tracks from 2000s (a wave of nostalgia if you like).

have a blessed new year everyone !!


love this !!

Airplane Mode 


Cutting off from the outside world. LogoLicious_20221215_002655.png

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