Share Your Chill Playlists!

Share Your Chill Playlists!


Everything chill, any genre.


This is a place not only to share your playlists with me but to share them with the community! Hopefully I will make a Community Playlist with the best songs that you've put forward. If everyone could put forward 2 or 3 songs of their choice just to get the playlist started that would be fantastic! 

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Mostly rap,


J Cole is the star, it has some chill songs you probly will like, i have alot of not-known but great music!! Tell me what you think about my playlist and/or what i can change about it! spotify:user:olaikintel:playlist:3iCGQ61nXeDLxbDgXUkshR


Hi All!

I made one playlist that serves for chillin' but was aimed for getting couzy with your lover, making love, etc.


Hope you like it!

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Here's my type of Chill Playlist, feel free to look at and comment on best songs from this:


Hope you like 😄


Hey! I just released a new instrumental album and I would love for you to include some of my songs! Some chill ones you might like are:


I would also very much appreciate some follows! I really appreciate it!


hey guys! Here’s a playlist with the best Indie/Electronica there is, frequently updated! Check it out!!!!!


I'm up for follow4follow!!


cheers, GL


Appropriately titled "just chill vibes ygm fam" is a very chill playlist devoted to the indie side of the chill spectrum.

"Jazz Hybrids" is a similarly chilled playlist, but rather on the Jazzy and RnB side at first, slowly growing in pace and energy. It'd fit well to GTA V.


You'll like this chill ambient and afterhours playlist


I dig it! You should check Jake Sherman out, I think he'd fit super well.


Chill & Peculiars. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do!


This one's called 'chill&peculiars' and contains mild-electronic and summer-vibe tracks, as well as the indies.

Have fun listening to it! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do



My chill playlist. Mostly house, edm, pop etc...

Here's a chill playlist that contains artists like Francis and the Lights, Tame Impala, Childish Gambino, Two Door Cinema Club, HONNE, and Xavier Omar.Great for winding down. I also listen to it when doing homework a lot and it's great for relaxing. spotify:user:isaco10:playlist:7A76gjQDO1bP3CDt54XYUp


Very nice mix


Perfect 😊👏!! 


Maybe you are able to find some good Chill Tunes in my Playlist 🙂


You're in luck, I've had this one for a little over a year. Appropriately titled "chill". Just a side note, I used to be pretty bad at making playlists (probably still am) so there's some song that just seem out of place. I should probably edit it lma.o. But here it is! Has artists like Chet Faker, Glass Animals, Tame Impala, Floyd; ranges from psychedelic, to pop, to R&B beats, to surf rock. Kinda hard to pin it down.

Here's another one that I like to relax to. It's a bit, I dunno, slower & sexier? If I'm allowed to describe a Playlist as sexy?
Feel free to follow the playlists if you enjoy them!
I also follow some awesome ambient playlists, but I'm not sure I can share them since they aren't mine 😞

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