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Share Your Favourite Playlists & Follow


Share Your Favourite Playlists & Follow

Hey all,


Feel free to drop one of your favourite playlists here.


Any genre, any decade; the more eclectic the better!


It could be from your favourite artist or album. It may be a mix of many! Perhaps your moods playlist, workout, current playlist, or a golden oldie… all are welcome.


Lets share our musical likes and interests and support the artists we love.


Be sure to follow back 


Here is my own current favourite;

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Thank you for sharing- I’m following, soooo many to listen too. I particularly like the Oliver Heldens  track so far! 🙌

Already followed yours in another post but I'll follow everyones playlist if he likes my comment and follow my playlist!!

thank you for sharing your music and for following!


I’m checking out your playlist now 🙂 

followed- there's a lot of new music in your playlist for me, listening to it now!

here/s my favourite playlist, it never fails to put me in a good mood:



Thank you for sharing! Also lots of new music for me in your playlist. I’m looking forward to it!

Plus, Moomin Troll is a definite win for the playlist photo!

This is a playlist of all my favourite rock, metal and punk music. Hope you like it as much as me.


Awesome playlists! If anyone knows a song that fits in this playlist, please let me know!


this is a new one i made w songs ive been listening to a lot lately, hope you enjoy!

I follow for follow so like this message and ill follow yours


Here is a nice Psyco list ! Enjoy and follow thanks . followed yours

Here is one when things dident quiet go right ! Love is Murder Sometimes . Dont we all know it ha ha

Perfect party playlist over there 🙂



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