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Share Your Sad Playlists With A Short Description


Share Your Sad Playlists With A Short Description

I have far more sad playlists than I thought. But then again, don't we all? Let's start a thread of everyones sad playlists with a short description so other people get an idea of the theme of the playlists. Hope to find some new sad playlists to follow & that you dig these ones! 


can't get you out of my head vibes


seasonal depression type rock songs


post breakup


lyrics that you can really relate with


a collection of my personal fav sad songs / lyrics


emo rap

29 Replies

I made a playlist with the best Juice Wrld songs, and most of all are sad.


Btw, I really enjoyed your playlists!

My proudest work haha, for the midnight hours in your bed, mind clear, just allowing the music to take you places.

bittersweet songs 😭🥲🥺 about longing, imagining yourself with someone you know you can't have or simply crying while dancing 🤧 

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