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Share a song from an unpopular artist that you like!


Share a song from an unpopular artist that you like!

If you know some unfamous band that are kicking butts and you think they deserve more attention, share your favorite song from them here!


Here is my discovery for you today! Some Post-punk / noise-rock / Psychedelic & Shoegaze sounds right here:

100 Replies

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I recently fell in love with this artist. His songs really touch me and this song specifically like changed my life

nice track lets follow each other.

Thanks! I'll check this one out! 😄

Producer Mindseye just released an awesome new chill electronica track. Worth a listen!


Thanks! I'm checking this out now!! Liking the drive from the beginning and the little indie touch!! Thanks!

Not my type! Sorry

Thanks man! I'm liking the baseline! 🙂

The voice is really alike the Black Keys though...


Is it your band? Great work!

This is rather noisy and I'm in love with it! 🙂

Thanks a lot! It reminds me Sublime!! Love it!

Is it your band?

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