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Share playlists that feature upcoming artists (less than 100 followers)


Share playlists that feature upcoming artists (less than 100 followers)

Let's help upcoming artists who are struggling with online visibility! If your playlist features relatively unknown artists, post it here. Don't forget to mention the genre.


Here is "Tape Guitars", a chill-out / lo-fi playlist with tracks that are guitar-based. Most of the artists are unknown and I am slowly replacing the bigger names by talented upcoming musicians. Thanks for listening!

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Playlist updated with the following artists: Bastido, Cloud Professor, Miles Kang, Trees and Lucy, Mark Rybczynski. Thanks for listening!

Hi @lisbonstory  in fact I have a similar Playlist concept with over 1K tracks,   the condition is that the artist need to be under 1K followers and the track need to be released recently (the closer to this days the better) the oldest entry right now is from May 2019. 


Once the artists reach thus mark I take the track down and only one track per artist.



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This playlist features two fantastic upcoming EDM artists Kathana and Merlo

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