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Share songs with cool sound effects


Share songs with cool sound effects

Are there any songs you like, which include sound effects that contribute to the atmosphere or feeling of the song? Feel free to share!


Here are some examples from my Spotify library:


“Sploosh!” and “Humboldt Currant” by Ozric Tentacles include the sound of moving water at the beginning:


“Shpongle Falls” by Shpongle is introduced by the bubbling sound of water and something that sounds to me like rustling vegetation:


“Uphold the Light Part 2” by Albino Rhino includes the sound of crickets and thunder during a relatively quiet, relaxed middle section of the song (you can hear these sounds at 12 minutes into the track):


“Beginner’s Guide to Suicide” by Orange Goblin is concluded by the sound of fire crackling:


“Holy Diver” by Dio includes the sound of howling wind at the beginning, and you can hear this type of sound as well throughout the course of “III” by Elder:


“Sunscape” by Ozric Tentacles includes the sound of a bird’s song around three minutes into the track:


I think that in all these examples, the sound effects contribute well to the moods of the songs, rather than being a distraction. Does anyone have any other examples?



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Hey @AdamDam


Great examples. 


I love Shpongle! I wanted to share here Björk's Aurora since this track became popular back in the days as the song with the "footsteps in the snow" beats. It's the second part of the track Frosti from the album Vespertine (2001):





Ohh man, Ozric Tentacles actually have some insane music! I adore their sounding. I mean, it's genuinely different from all the other things out there. Besides that, their music gets so weird sometimes that you don't even understand. Is that great or not really. Albino Rhino also has some fantastic songs. However, he is not even close to Ozric Tentacles. I found a lot of songs with different "sounding" on a platform where you can find copyright-free music. I actually wish we had more platforms like that.

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