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Share your House - Tech House - Techno Playlist


Share your House - Tech House - Techno Playlist

Hi guys, 


I was wondering who has some good playlists in the genres I mentioned above?


Below are some playlists that I have made up and there is something for everyone!


We start with House of Nodiance, the all-rounder where I try to match the latest hits of varied genres from tech house to disco. The groovy bassline and unique elements are the things behind what we are looking for.


Next up, Underground NoD, where we move to the basement and focus on tech house and garage house. Feel the low frequencies tremble through your body.


Last but not least, our newest addition to the list, TechNoD. Where you can find tracks after a blurry weekend of raving. In here are classic techno tracks, as well as more challenging or unique tracks in the genre.

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