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Share your Indie Playlist


Share your Indie Playlist

Hi I am a Spotify Curator for indie music and more specifically sharing what I've discovered on my playlist [Mood] Indie Discovery. Im looking for new artists every day so I wanted to post this thread for people to share their indie playlists. I'd love to check them out!

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Here is the playlist I mainly work on that I described above! Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on what should be added or what should be removed. Thanks!  


[Mood] Indie Discovery 

Hey @justcam, I've discovered some tracks in your mix I'm liking! I do not have many suggestions; the playlist is hyper-focused and has filled an excellent functionality for discovery throughout my day. 


I decided to follow up with an indie mix containing some tracks you'd enjoy. Generally, the playlist is more downtempo than your selection. A blend of higher and lower-energy music could be a sound worth pursuing!

Thank you so much for listening! That means a lot! Ill have to check out the playlist you sent but I already see some artists that I recognize! I do agree with transitioning into a combo of slow/fast paced mix for the playlist. Running out of current releases with that hyperfocus. 

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