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Share your favorite playlists!


Share your favorite playlists!

looking for new music and open to all genres. I’ll be following all playlists you share


here’s mine 🙂

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Suggest me playlist . I am an angler and looking for some cool playlist that I can listen when I am on my fishing trip

followed! i love your playlist so much, it's exactly my type of music. here's my favourite playlist:

but based on your playlist, i think you might like this one:


Just followed both and I like you taste in music thanks for sharing!🤍

Just followed thanks for sharing!

Merhaba nasılsınız ben hiç iyi değilim

Following everyone who follows mine and likes this message

Here's Mine. I updated it weekly with new LoFi music. 

Thanks for sharing! 

This is a short but very DANK playlist I made for a special occasion on the beach the other day. It features a new wave of brazillian funks and some latin rythms heavy on beats and afro influences.

i loveeee your pl and maybe you like mine, please check out my other playlists too

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