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Share your good vibes only playlists <3


Share your good vibes only playlists <3

For playlists that instantly uplift your mood:


i follow/ like back ❤️

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I guess this would count 🙂 Followed yours too great playlist!

liked! your playlist has so many throwback bops, it's great! 😄

Here's a real cool minimal/deep/groove House Playlist for everyone- it's feel good in that kind of chill way. Makes me feel like I'm in a fashion show : ) 

I have playlists of a lot of different genres and would love to bless people with the beauty of musical discovery. Give me and my playlist a follow/like!

Just listened to all they’re all great , here’s mine 🙂


shrek gives me good vibes so 

btw i liked yours!! 🙂



I meant to say playlist **bleep**

this is one of the most uplifting playlists i’ve got! 🙂 

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