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Share your own Indie / Alternative playlist


Share your own Indie / Alternative playlist

Indie / alternative music.


I hope seeing different kinds of indie/alternative playlists here 🙂 

21 Replies

Sounds nice that first playlist 🙂

Very interesting songs you got in those film and nostalgia playlists 🤘 thanks

I made a playlist of my fav MN artists.  Minnesota was and still is a hotbed for indy artists.  Hope you enjoy!

Complete your roadtrip goals and sing along with these indie pop/folk/rock of 2010s. Perfect playlist when travelling in nature, mountains etc. I considered you might be interested. Comment for suggestions.

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing extremely well out there.

I had this idea some months ago, and now I´ve decided to bring it to life.

I´ve been discovering new amazing acts either in live shows or online (soundcloud, spotify, youtube…) and I always had the same two thoughts:
1-How come these artists remain unfamous and unsigned?
2-What should I do to help them gain more visibility???

Obviously I aint a multimillionaire so Im not able to spend millions of bucks in promoting every single artist I like, but instead I decided to put together this lil playlist and spread it everywhere. 
If you love to discover new music, or you´d love to discover new talents that the mainstream media dont show (yet), or if you are exhausted of the same commercial radioformula music that gets out of date from one month to another, this is for you. Uploaded with new music every single friday night!!

Feel free to give this playlist a go, and if you enjoy its music dont hesitate in following it. 
With each follow you will be helping the independent scene, with each share you´ll be sharing the word of several indepent acts, fighting day after day for developing their careers. Let´s make it big, so the indepent scene will have another way to gain not only exposure and visibility but streaming royalties as well 

Also if you are an artist with original stuff released in Spotify and would like to appear on my playlist, just give it a follow first and after that get in touch with me either by email or by private message here in FB 

I just literally made it public this evening, and it almost has 20 followers, can we make it til 100 by the end of today?? 


Followed!  Thanks for the share!  If you're interested, can find my stuff here:


I'm putting out a CD in January, with a few singles coming - first one October 5.  Hope you enjoy!

Thats great mate! Gimme a shout when u release the single and I can include it on my playlist 🙂

Will do thanks!

@Barzzo Really cool sounding playlist, thanks for sharing! Followed.

@emmie_ly Nice, but I noticed your jazz bands & record players -playlist and followed instantly 😉


This is a indie /rock playlist that plays on that sludgy guitar sound that you can hear in the music by jack white, so expect some white stripes and other bands including wolf Alice and royal blood! Please comment and follow this playlist!

I have theperfect playlist for you

Pls follow this playlist and I will follow you back 😄

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