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Show Me Your Music!


Show Me Your Music!

I want to hear everyone’s music, because the bests artists are never really out there, are they?


Im open to hear all genres, though I prefer alternative sort of music. 


Show me your tunes!

523 Replies

Follow me if possible 🙂 trying to get verified and expand my audience 🙂

Oceans and Tides


Here's my latest single, have released 2 EPs, this is from the 3rd.


I'll follow anyone who replies !

i'm the same - i'll follow, please return the favour disparate souls !

just released a new auto-tune rap track, **bleep** good 

Artist and producer from Sweden 🙂



My first single "champagne misery" , check it out! 🙂 

It has been a very interesting release already! They've been playing my song on the radio here in Canada and A Star is Born Soundtrack playlist added me! So excited about my debut EP! Hope you enjoy as well 🙂


Bits and Pieces EP




Hey, listen to our new single in the style of delta and country blues.


And a psychodelic blues and rock rendition

Hey its Medium Ty

I'm a producer & recording artist from Philly

I'll follow everyone & im down to collab with any artists


This is my first EP ever, kinda electronic with rock influences, thanks for listen!

Hey guys! Our new song "Rise of Atlantis" is recently live. It's a world music which includes the ancient tone of native aborigines of my country. Please listen to it to support a beginner. Hope you all like it!


Thank you so much!

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