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Show Me Your Music!


Show Me Your Music!

I want to hear everyone’s music, because the bests artists are never really out there, are they?


Im open to hear all genres, though I prefer alternative sort of music. 


Show me your tunes!

520 Replies

a rock music playlist including international, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese artist, hope you guys enjoy it!

Enjoy a playlist with my original music and also some collaborations (it will grow next year!!). Songs are in Italian and English. 


I listen to and make playlists with something like these... They are kind of like electronic music that would not be heard on the radio if you ask me. I'm sure that I would be upset if I find out that there are no play buttons and just links on this reply.


Edit: Nevermind, I just had to wait them out. 😂

Here is my artist page. I make dreamy indie folk, enjoy 🤗

nice! just added you to my electronic playlist 😄


Hola como estas? Te dejo mi ultima canción!!

Daa best! 


Here is one m favourite artists from France. If you are into alternative, this album is a must!

If you are still wanting to look for more genres to listen to, I recommend giving Christian based music a try:) 

Here are a few of my favorite Christian Songs:


I highly recommend giving them a listen! they will change your life if they haven't already! 

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