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Show Me Your Music!


Show Me Your Music!

I want to hear everyone’s music, because the bests artists are never really out there, are they?


Im open to hear all genres, though I prefer alternative sort of music. 


Show me your tunes!

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Hii all, here are my playlists that I compiled to accompany me throughout different stages of mood :') Hope you liked it! feedbacks and comments are open 😄

Playlist I listened to when I am getting ready💅🏻💋

chill rnb songs 🕊️:

UK Garage/2 Step🎾

sad songs 💀

another super chill and calming songs💤 

pop, rap, house music to dance and hype up the room 😜💃🏻🪩: 

Hi, so this is my everyday playlist. Like if you see me, this will be playing. It’s a lot of rnb and rap. 

Listed below are Jonathan Sevone's music. He's artistically incredible. His sound leaves an indelible mark.

Call me up:


Nomad Sevone:




Awakening (Demo):

Check out this playlist of mainly indie local artists from Los Angeles. The first track We Are One is my debut single - hope yall enjoy!!


I´ve been listening this guy recently. It´s quite cool electronic instrumental music, some between techno and ambient music. Good for background listening or relax.


Check it out.


If you are a lover of Machine Gun Kelly, The Kid LAROI or iann dior you will love this playlist.

I love the sentiment of this post. Here's a full album I just put out, fully written and recorded this year. A piece of me got into this one.

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