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[Singer-Songwriter] Contemporary Folk


[Singer-Songwriter] Contemporary Folk

Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk . 1



87 Replies

New Ben Howard album:



Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk . 2


With : Daniel Romano,  The sand band,  Terence martin,  Loch lomond,  Lonesome wyatt,  The love letter band,  Marah,  Hans theesink,  Patterson hood,  Otis gibbs,  Point quiet,  Robert deeble,  Marco mahler,  Ox,  The honeydogs,  James william hindle,  Donovan,  Okkervil river,  Peter lehndorff


Great new band...  try them out!


Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk . 3


Menu  :  Tom brosseau,  Peter mulvey,  Chris smither,  The queen's nectarine machine,  The pines,  Chris bozzone,  Greg ashley,  Emily jane white,  Glen campbell,  Gary jules,  Pale horse and rider,  Plainsong,  Pockey lafarge,  Pat macdonald,  Magnet,  Molina and johnson,  Neil mcsweeney,  Elvis perkins




Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk . 4


With  :  Ralfe band,  The puddle,  Andrew duhon,  Josh garrels,  Laura veirs,  Howe gelb,  Ed romanoff,  J.J. cale,  Ed harcourt,  Tracy chapman,  Tony furtado,  Super XX man,  Vollmar,  The parson red heads,  Old man river,  Owen tromans


Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country .5


With  :  Justin towns earle,  Saul conrad,  Audiotransparent,  Cotton jones,  Aidan roberts,  Howard iceberg,  Howe gelb,  Howth,  Paul armfield,  The patriotic sunday,  Patrik fitzgerald, Patrick sky,  The lonesome southern comfort company,  Alasdair roberts,  Rue royale,  Ted lennon,  Tom vandenavond



Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country .6


Menu  :  Benjamin wagner,  Kevin lamb,  Neuman, Ken stringfellow,  99 Tales,  Beulah,  P.t. Walkley,  Own road,  Pale young gentlemen,  Bob dylan,  Timber timbre,  The wheel,  Winterpills,  Simon finn,  The glitterhouse,  The avett brothers,  The skygreen leopards,  Songdog


Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk .7


Menu  :  Chris and Thomas,  Tyler ramsey,  Calexico,  Howe gelb,  Houston marchman,  Owen temple,  Big Harp,  Ralfe band,  Ray laMontagne,  Pure horsehair,  Son of the velvet rat,  Ola potrida,  Old lost john,  Boy and bear,  Darren hayman,  Rick redbeard



Hello !



Old Lost John -  Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk


"My name is Tomas. I used to be a woodsman and a horse-keeper. These days I live in Malmo, Sweden, delivering newspapers in the morning hours and writing songs in the evening. Sometimes I record an album, and sometimes I go on tour. Old Lost John is the name of my musical vehicle."



Hello !


Alt- Country

Some Brothers and some families


With  :  The felice brothers,  The handsome family,  Middle brothers, the wood brothers,  Spirit family reunion,  The barr brothers,  Mason brothers,  The avett brothers,  The meadows brothers,  The waco brothers, The mallett brothers


Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country .8


With  :  Brian campeau,  Ed romanoff,  Elliott murphy,  Eric andersen,  The handsome family,  Houston marchman,  Jackson browne,  Jason isbell,  Parsley sound,  P.t. Walkley,  Neil finn,Pajama club,  Mutual friends,  Plantman,  The resonars, 



Hello !


David Dondero


David Dondero started his musical career on drums at the age of 10, due in part to the fact that he "was always drumming on stuff with my hands".David Dondero released four records with the Clemson, SC-based punk/hardcore band Sunbrain (three on Grass Records and one on Ghostmeat Records), before breaking up in 1995. The following year, Dondero joined This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb for nearly two years as their drummer. He left in 1998 to focus on his solo material. He has since released seven solo albums - two with Ghostmeat Records, three with Future Farmer Records and the most recent two with Team Love Records. His eighth album, titled # Zero with a Bullet, was released on August 3, 2010. Dondero has toured with such acts as Crooked Fingers, Jolie Holland, Against Me!, The Mountain Goats, David Bazan, Preston School of Industry, Bright Eyes, Tilly and the Wall, Erik Petersen of Mischief Brew, Spoon, and Willy Mason.


My selection:





Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country .9


With  : Calexico,  Noiserv,  Monsters of folk,  Jack's mannequin,  Okkervil river,  Jim ward,  Delaney davidson,  Bob dylan,  One hundred dollars,  OP8,  Jackie leven,  Billy connolly,  Farewell milwaukee,  Bryan john appleby,  Bryan ferry,  Danny schmidt,  Donovan





Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 10


With  :  Willy tea taylor,  Richard bennett,Tonny rice,  Harlan T. bobo,  Willie sugarcapps,  The lonesome sisters,  Marc carroll,  Maura o'connell,  The grisly hand,  Hunter and the bear,  Erick Koskinen,  Charlie parr,   Doug ellis,  Bellwether,  Sondre lerche,  Major parkinson,  The lowest pair,  The lofty pillars



Hello !




Anti Folk - 1


Anti-folk (sometimes antifolk or unfolk) is a music genre that takes the earnestness of politically charged 1960s folk music and subverts it. The defining characteristics of this anti-folk are difficult to identify, as they vary from one artist to the next. Nonetheless, the music tends to sound raw or experimental; it also generally mocks seriousness and pretension in the established mainstream music scene.( Wikipedia )


Some heroes of the genre




Anti Folk - 2


Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 11


Menu  :  Death to anders,  Carl wirkkala,  Chris garneau,  David cronenberg's wife,  david hemmings,  Harry manx,  Evening hymns,  Old amica,  Oldseed,  Alela diane,  Jon and roy,  Salamander crossing,  Jon auer,  Kieran kane, 



Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 12


With  :  Colby stead,  Collin clary,  Balthrop,alabama,  Vetiver, Andy cabic of tussle,  Andrew calhoun,  September leaves,  Wentworth kersey,  Julia a. noak,  Torben stock,  Mark wynn,  Oscar isaac,  Shady bard,  Vollmar,  Arthur lee harper,  Greg weeks,  The gunshy


Hello !



Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 13


Menu  :  Captain yonder,  Jonah tolchin,  The apache relay,  16 Horsepower,  Aaron freeman,  Carl wirkkala,  dame satan,  Damien jurado,  Kyle andrews,  The lancaster Orchestra,  Little wings,  Hotel lights,  Okkervil river,  Raz ohara,  Ramsay midwood,  Simon breed


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