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[Singer-Songwriter] Contemporary Folk


[Singer-Songwriter] Contemporary Folk

Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk . 1



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hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 14


With  :  Javier trejo,  Pete Molinari,  Grayson capps,  Rich mattson,  Siena root,  The silent years,  Tyler ramsey,  The unbearables,  The low anthem,  LPG,  Mark koselek, Nigel mazlyn jones,  Nicolai dunger,  Christian Kjellvander



Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 15


With  :  Mr david viner,  Alicia corbett,  Josh woodward,  Cam waters,  Mike nicolai,  Kevin morby,  Einar stenseng,  Kellen & me,  Tyler ramsey,  Two dollar guitar,  Sam airey,  Peter vandrie,  Josh ritter,  The imagined village



Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 16


Menu  :  Jonah tolchin,  Last harbour,  Villagers,  Goug peters,  Jesper norda,  Jon and roy,  Shakey graves,  Karen dalmton,  Drive-by truckers,  Son volt,  Whiskeytown,  Immaculate machine,  Inhabitants,  A jigsaw



Hello !




Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 17


Menu  :  Ari hest,  Imaad wasif,  Short term hedonist,  Arbouretum,  Wooden wand,  Mark fry,  Aaron lightman,  Jeff tarlton,  Communist daughter,  Conrad ford,  Devendra banhart,  Danny schmidt,  Novi split,  Mathew sawyer & the ghosts,  Muzik,  Marcellus hall



Hello !




Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 18



With  :  Beerjacket,  Emily jane white,  D.W. holiday,  Jake bugg,  Hadley fraser,  The little unsaid,  Emilliana torrini,  Horse feathers,  Walt wilkins,  Leonard cohen,  Johan asherton,  Jack westley routh,  Phil shoenfelt,  Songs from a random house,  The violet archers,  Vince Martin



Hello !!



Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 19


With  :  This frontier needs heroes,  Doug peters,  Bob cash,  Arc brent,  Steve von till,  Scott kelly,  Xavier rudd,  Ed askew,  Ed harcourt,  Grey reverend,  Harry nilsson,  Hassle hound,  Idiot kid,  Ike reilly,  Matt epp,  Normanoak,  Nick freitas,  Willy tea taylor,  The novel ideas,  The american analog set,  Christian williams



Hello !




Singer-Songwriter,  Contemporary Folk,  Alt-Country .  20


With :  Don E Darko,   James isaak,   49th parallel,   Dean kane,   Stu larsen,   Dm stith,   Idaho,   Gerard and the watchmen,   Geronimo getty,   Will driving west,   Ciaran lavery,   Jason rady,   Mutual friends,   Murzik,   Mark lotterman,  Il gato,   James william hindle




Hello !



Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 21



With :  Jonathan mann,  Christian Kjellvander,  George thomas and the owls,  Thistletown,  Andy swan,  Summer of aden,  Gerald collier,  Paelo,  Ts brooks,  Cry monster cry,  Tom klose,  Malcom middleton,  Apex manor,  Pickering pick,  Streets of laredo,  Roo panes,  Old america,  Old jerusalem,  Christian williams,  Belles will ring




Hello !



Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country - Vol.22


With  :  Christopher paul stelling,  Sons of the east,  Scott kelly,  Treetop flyers,  uncle lucius,  Andy shauf,  Benjamin francis leftwich,  The good luck thrift store outfit,  Azure ray,  Jackie leven,  Jackie o mother**bleep**er,  Kev carmody,  Herald nix,  Herman dune,  Family machine,  Willy tea taylor,  Antoine reverb,  Blood meridian,  Bop ensemble,  Crooked fingers,  Joe fletcher & the wrong reasons.



Bleep !! I love

 Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 23


With  :  Imaad wasif,  Short term hedonist,  Alasdair roberts,  You me tree,  the tree ring,  Wise children,  Us and our daughters,  The weather station,  Spain,  Fireworks night,  Things in herds,  Star wheel press,  Craig cardiff,  Crooked fingers,  Dennis driscoll,  The farm band,  Fatboy,  The hot buttered elves,  Jan duindam,  Kevin ayers,  Isbells 


Hello !




Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk . 24


With  :  Jacob thomas jr,  Erickson delcroix,  Vikesh kapoor,  Nick mulvey,  Get well soon,  Franklin bruno,  Equinox,the peacekeeper,  Bonnie prince billy,Red,  Jodie goffe,  Straw bear,  Hummingbird,  JBM,  Stanley brinks,  You raskal you,  Marc lotterman,  Puddle of mudd,  Robyn hitchcock,  Stephen cummings,  Strange rebel frequency,  French quarter,  Frontier ruckus


Hello !



Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 25


With  :  Peasant,  Richard walters,  The allender band,  Scott kelly,  Ts brooks,  Will driving west,  Yodelice,  Major deluxe,  Jake bugg,  Tomten,  Centro-matic + South san gabriel,  Will stratton,  Paleo,  The shivers,  Ugly casanova,  Get well soon,  Giant giant sand,  Elephant micah,  Jamie barnes,  Noah gundersen,  Maplewood,  Lowlights,  The missing season,  Nightlands


Hello !



Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 26



With :  Aaron espe,  Harlan t bobo,  Alasdair roberts,  alex highton,  James yorkston,  Amos the transparent,  Page france,  Andy shauf,  Barn swallow,  Anna ternheim,  Arthur,  Bobby long,  Azurz ray,  Basement apartment,  Bear's den,  Benjamin greer,  The handsome family,  Birds that change colour,  Boat to row,  Bob dylan,  Oweihops,  Aunt martha


I used to listen to this album a lot. It was quite enough of a set of songs to keep me going [in this genre overall]


The Garden State soundtrack


Coldplay, The Shins, Zero 7, Colin Hay, Cary Brothers, Remy Zero, Nick Drake, Thievery Corporation, Simon & Garfunkel, Iron & Wine, Frou Frou, Bonnie Somerville.



Nick Drake, I found his name on a another playlist today and it was so familiar, so I listened to his first alumn and as soon as his voice started, ah, I know one of his songs .... Garden State ... OK!


Tragic loss. Sigh.

Hello !



Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 27



With :  Redbird, Low roar,  Train,  Margot & the nuclear so and so's,  Alejandro escovedo,  Matt gresham,  Jonathan keevil,  Chris jamison,schottsy & the sharpshooters,  Equinox, the peacekeeper,  Pete roe,  Lyrical lies,  Summer of aden,  The modern electric,  Novo amor,  Tiny ruins,  The pines,  Xavier rudd,  The maple trail,  The frontier needs heroes.


Hello !



 Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk, Alt-Country . 28


With  :  Noah and the whale,  The loom,  Wino,  Holopaw,  Winterpills,  Greg brown,  Claran lavery,  Tapes and tubes,  dan mangan + Blacksmith,  Woodpigeon,  A weather,  Daniel johnston + Sparklehorse + Flaming lips,  Ola podrida,  Urusen,  Treetop flyers,  The tree ring,  Nathaniel rateliff,  Wise children,  Maria taylor


Hello !



 Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk. 29


With  Wino,  Windsor for the derby,  Willy tea taylor,  Tom vandenavond,  Jon allen,  Joshua radin,  Her name is calla,  Jess morgan,  Joe innes & the cavalcade,  Julius way,  Bonnie 'prince billy,  The handsome family,  The happy talk band,  A jigsaw,  Josh bray,  Jess morgan,  Other lives,  Otherly loves


Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk .30


With Justin townes earle,  Shovels & rope,  The felice brothers,  Mike ruekberg,  Jimm zorn,George clarke,  Songs for the young at heart,  Daniel johnston, Jim page,  Perrin lamb,  Roky votolato,  Jack grunsky,  Daniel martin moore,  Joey knelser,  Noble lake,  Chris jamison,  Tapes and tubes,  The occasion,  Oddfellow's casino,  Lymes,  The m's


Hello !


Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary Folk

With The felice brothers,  Golden stills,  Lost in the trees,  The cave singers,  Laish,  Night beds,  Jesse marchant,  Field report,  Ostara,  Peter broderick,  A singer of songs,  Jim zorn,George clarke,  Joseph parsons,  Josh garrels



It's always good to find a topic where i can fit mexican projects...


Meet Juan Cirerol, Songwriter and performer from Mexicali Baja California...


When i started to follow this guy, i was amazed with his energy on stage, and his lyrics are so real, i have dare to name him the mexcan bob dylan... 


this is his new album (freshly out in february), also i attached a youtubevideo about him in case you are more curious, he is one of those underestimated artists..


i will love to hear your thoughts on this one...



have a great day!




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