Singer Songwriters/The Come Up

Singer Songwriters/The Come Up

Hey! My Name is Kevin Metcalfe, and Im a Canadian Singer/Songwriter. If you are an up and coming musician, post your tracks in this thread so myself and others can listen to your music! Heres one of my tracks "I Won't Let You Down".   

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Hey, love your track! 


I'm a singer/songwriter in New York, just released my first EP in July, here's a sample:

Just released an album called Tangerine not too long ago! Here's a track off that called Change Your Mind.

Hi everybody,

I cover and sing new compositions on youtube, I'm confused how to put my music on Spotify, show me how or where there's a tutorial on it.

Thank you very much.

Hey there, if your not signed to a label you can use aggregators like cdbaby, distrokid, or tunecore to upload to Spotify. Hope this helps.

Can you guide me better?


Your song sounds really good. This songs from my newest album. Hope you like it!

hey kevin,


check this out as well. really liked your song!


Hey! Really enjoyed your song! I'm The Patch (Yeah sounds weird doesn't it?) from Austria, here's one of my songs:

I love it! This is special!!

You have a wonderful talent!

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