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Smooth Sounds: Smooth R&B Playlist


Smooth Sounds: Smooth R&B Playlist

A new Smooth Sounds playlist, Smooth R&B. Random updates, at lease once monthly. The launch features music used from the Smooth Sounds playlist of 2019. New updates will begin in January. There will be additional playlists launching within this thread using the same pool of songs from this year (see Smooth Sounds 2019 Collective playlist) as it's springboard in order to give followers a feel for what the playlist will contain.

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A new playlist will launch Jan 2020. 


Populated with songs from popular nostalgic/old school RB titles that either served as fillers on their respectively released projects or as not-so-heavily-rotated singles released for radio airplay.


Smooth Sounds:B-Sides & Album Fillers, launching in January!

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Updated   (1/8/20). 16 track edit applied with new cover art.

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