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Smooth Sounds: Smooth Vocals Playlist


Smooth Sounds: Smooth Vocals Playlist

The playlist is populated with soft, mid and slow tempo songs. The primary emphasis is on the smooth jazz genre but may also include r&b and pop. The playlist will be updated regularly throughout 2020 and will have a yearly collective playlist launch at the close of 2020 showcasing all items to make the playlist for the year.  


Updates for the list will be posted within this thread.

smooth vocals500.jpg
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Another playlist will launch in January. 


The playlist will be an R&B/Pop throwback featuring lesser known singles which may have received minimal airplay despite the success of the project it was released from as well as titles from popular projects which listeners may recognize and remember enjoying even though they were never released officially as singles for radio airplay (aka fillers).


Lots of fun. Many memories!


Smooth Sounds:B-Sides & Album Fillers, launching in two weeks!



15 to 20 song update to the playlist to be posted during the first week of 2020.

smooth vocals.jpg

Updated (1/6/2020): 17 track update applied.

smooth vocals.jpg

Updated. 18 songs have been added to the playlist.

smooth vocals.jpg

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