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Soft playlists thread


Soft playlists thread

I've added this playlist for some good sleep & soft atmosphere.

At certain point there are lots of good sleep playlists. This one is a quite feeling-trigger.


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Thanks!!! I followed

Great playlist you got there! Feel free to check mine :winking_face:

Welcome to the atmosphere of aesthetic sounds; here you can experience the spectrum of different emotions carefully transitioned one into another. Sit back and enjoy the journey :з

Hey! Here is my ‘String Textures’ playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated relaxing string music. Great for relaxation, focus, reading or if you just love string music! Please have a listen/follow if you like! 👏❤️

Hey, this is my playlist for some quiet and soft hours with yourself or your loved ones 🙂

Love it! Here’s mine soft songs playlist 🙂

I keep on updating this playlist:))

Playlists are UPDATED WEEKLY! Appreciate the ❤️ and 🎶


Need to chill & relax by listening to music? My playlists feature broad genres that all share something in common - calming your mind. Acoustic/Chill/Ambient/Instrumental/Lo-Fi/Classical/Pop


Common Good - Songs to Relax With


Common Good - Songs to Relax & Chill With


Acoustic Reflections - Relaxing Melodies 




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