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Solo Pianists for my playlist...


Solo Pianists for my playlist...

    hi, i'm making a contemporary solo piano playlsit and i want to mix mainstream with uknown talents, pls feel free to share links of your music, only Contemporary Originals Solo Piano Music pls...

Tx 😉


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Hey Idpiano!


I am a new contemporary solo pianist! Check out my music and let me know what you think:

Popular songs: Night Sky, The Ocean, Life, As We Grow Older.



Jackson Love


Hey there, 


I have attached a new song of mine for consideration on your playlist.


Thank you kindly!

Rainy Bird - Recorded on a grand Oscar Peterson used on his last album. 

Just Piano and lyrics. No other instruments. Live off the floor.

What a wonderfull idea, I would like to participate if you allow me, this is a original piano song of 2020, it has less than 1 month on air, I would appreciate it if you add it.

if you like it of course, here its:


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