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Songs With No Play Count


Songs With No Play Count

Post your favorite songs that are at least 10 years old, but with no play count displayed (under 1k plays). / u-1 by dRichter


Devices to Transcend Dreaming by Heston Rifle


Hello Stranger by Brianna Lea Pruett


Together Forever by Jerseyband


Happy Cause by Manuok

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Plenty. I mean 10 years and no counts.

How do these songs not get to hear? Is everyone listening Lady Gaga?

If I'd want to listen popular hits on Spotify, I'd just turn on my radio which I do not have. I have Spotify.

To hear undiscovered. Music hard dance is purpose of my life. Reason to live.

Bumping this thread and adding a few more because we need to compile a list of the overlooked artists/deep cuts here on spotify

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