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Songs Without Words!


Songs Without Words!

Hey all.


Today's music chat from me... no words


I've recently started listening to lots of tunes, instrumentals, and 'songs without words'. I find they're the perfect accompaniment to a day in the office. Something sweet and intricate to pop in the headphones whilst typing away.


So, in this case i'm not going to say too much. I'll just ask:


What's your favorite 'song without words' on Spotify?


To get things going, i'll let you in on a little secret.

My current favorite is ... 




Get posting! 🙂



71 Replies

Hey there!

I as well truly love to listen to ambient music that has no words. It can make for an easier homework experience or a comfortable long car ride. I don't have many favorites, but one song that really gets me in the zone everytime is ...

I wish the song was a lot longer than it is, but it really allows me to focus with its soothing harp melody and melodic rap-like beat. Truly a must listen

Hey there @Brocnroll!


Thanks for sharing, i'm having a listen now.

Great find, I see what you mean about wishing it was longer but it's made it into my playlist anyway 😉


Have a lovely day 



Despite a couple of indistinguishable mutterings, 'Obvs' by Jamie xx is one of my favourites. Easy listening yet meaty enough to keep you interested. Also 'Intro' by the xx (you may be sensing a theme) is not to be missed.

I'd say Wait by M83. First time I heard this song was in a television show, fell in love with at first sight. There is bits of words in it, but it's mostly instrumental. I find it so beautiful and relaxive, it's just a great song... I will list the link below and I hope you guys like it! M83 is a great band and they have similiar songs... Enjoy Spocoholics! 🙂

I'm so happy that you shared this because I have tried sharing songs without words to many people and not many were very fond of it. 


I'd say that my favorite definitely depends on what the occasion is.  Howard Shore is a great one for people who like Lord of the Rings, and Klaus Badelt for Pirates of the Caribbean.  I'd say that for most scenarios though, I like Ratatat; specifically my favorite song is probably Nostrand.

Hey @user-removed!


Thanks for popping the link in, I really enjoyed listening to your suggestion!

The track builds beautifully.


I'll check out the rest of their stuff today too.


Happy listening and take care 🙂



Hey @Phil_The_Thrill!


Thanks for getting involved in the thread, it's nice to see others enjoying 'songs without words' too.


I've got a day in the office today, so i'll be checking out your suggestions.


I would agree that it depends on the occasion too! 

Any suggestions for early morning wake up tracks that fit this category... let me know. Something to compliment today's coffee 😉


Have a great day



Hey @skoelling20!


Nice one... 




Thanks for sharing 🙂



Thanks for starting this topic! I absolutely love it.

My current favorite "Song Without Words" is Solar Gap by Hinds and it's incredible.








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Hey @RaquelCarv!


Nice addition to the thread 🙂

Listening now, and gradually extending my playlist too.


Have a great day.





Another Ludovico Einaudi fan, brilliant!

'Islands - Essential Einaudi' got me through my a-level art exam 😉



Hi People,


I recently released my album Inspire it's without words and only instruments which I played/recorded/produced myself. I like to share it with you guys! I hope you like it and this is what you meant with this post


Best regards,






Please follow my Playlist and Artist profile



People who likes "Songs Without Words", will like this playlist :


"Groove My Box 2016'


Direct Playlist Link : here


SoundofusSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Well since I normally come from a hard rock/metal direction in music, these instrumental tracks by Metallica are my favs over the many years.




And might as well include this instrumental track that honors bass player Cliff Burton:

I love this! Here's two of my favorites:

1)Remember Me As A Time Of Day // Explosions In The Sky


2)Drive Vs. Fly // Color Therapy


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This might not be in the line of expectations music wise, but just my two cents:


(could someone tell me how to embed these? Tried to Google but couldn't find out 😞 )



To embed a song/playlist/album in a reply to a post you have to


1 - Get the embed code => on Spotify desktop version, right click on song title or playlist name or album title and select : Copy Embed Code

2 - select HTML mode for your post => RICH TEXT   HTML   PREVIEW

3 - Paste the Embed Code at the end of the html box.

You will get this :



Good luck 🙂


SoundofusSpotify Star
Help others find this answer and click "Accept as Solution".
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

@Soundofus, thanks or the fast reply. I actually tried that but the editor removes my iframe because 'invalid HTML was found in the message body'. 


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