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Songs Without Words!


Songs Without Words!

Hey all.


Today's music chat from me... no words


I've recently started listening to lots of tunes, instrumentals, and 'songs without words'. I find they're the perfect accompaniment to a day in the office. Something sweet and intricate to pop in the headphones whilst typing away.


So, in this case i'm not going to say too much. I'll just ask:


What's your favorite 'song without words' on Spotify?


To get things going, i'll let you in on a little secret.

My current favorite is ... 




Get posting! 🙂



71 Replies

I've been enjoying listening to this song without words lately, one of my favorite songs and currently the first song in my "On Repeat" playlist generated by Spotify:



AdamDamSpotify Star
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I like them all, but if I should choose one or two, Happy Encounter - the feel good song, and Faded Poems - which reminds me of the good old times! Enjoy!


This song would be great in a highlight video for an athlete

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. – The Beatles
I have a whole playlist with songs with no words 😄

Hey everyone 🙂


Sometimes I like to listen to songs which have a melancholic and at the same time  peaceful vibe. The song "Springtime" by j^p^n is perfect for that.  🎶



Ver Moderator
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Checkout: Special circumstances by the Natural-philosophers with Attitude



I actually made a song that i wanted to speak but with no words. It is telling a story and takes your mind places. Kind of hypnotic

Hey! Here is my ‘Piano Phases’ playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical piano music, all completely instrumental and without words. Great for calm and relaxing periods of reflection, focus, reading or if you just love piano music! Please have a listen/follow if you like 👏

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