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Made a playlist for songs that put me in a peaceful mood. It’s mostly piano and some guitar if you’re interested.


I loved your songs. They transported me to a very bright, beautiful and comfortable imaginary universe.

Thank you very much.



I’m happy to hear the playlist brought you peace today. May it always be a source of positivity and inspiration for you even when the sky is gray. 


All the best,


Below is my current playlist. hope you enjoy it as much as i am. ❤️


EDIT: Something went wrong.... 😞

I have tried to make a playlist by filtering my thousands of 'liked songs'.

The main objective was to find the ones I'd share when someone asks me 'hey, what should I listen?'.

So it is pretty complex and wide ranged -genre and type wise- but the songs are the real deals.

Check it out my playlist

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