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Every day there will be a new song added to this while the oldest song will be removed.  So it will only contain 7 songs at a time.



That's interesting! (But wouldn't that be tiring?)




"If you think this is useful, consider accepting it as a solution or liking it! Thanks...!" 😊 

- Tec-04 (⌧ʙɹıʌи)

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Before I go into work I can throw in a song.  It can be tough when I'm busy with family and things.  I try to get after it though.  

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/66tpngtKSZcLKiw0Z0vav6?si=xopCG3hWSsqlfNf4LobXXw here is my 2023 playlist! hope you guys like it 🙂

Sped-Up songs to listen to when you're bored < 3


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