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Future Chill - Relaxing Electronic music to unwind to feat. Bonobo, Emmitt Fenn, TSHA, SAFIA, Coco & Breezy, and more

Heres one of mine 🙂


Teen RoadTrip (upbeat indie rock, pop rock) Songs that have defined my summer

Horn sections, jazzy keyboards & rhythm parts, funky 70’s, jazz standards, Big Band, a bit of blues. Lots of: Maynard Ferguson, Willie Mitchell, Clarence Carter, Kool & The Gang, The Jazz Crusaders, Esther Phillips, Sonny Stitt, Frank Sinatra, Al Green, Billy Preston and more!

Features the top 50 underrated tracks. Focuses on standard pop, folk-pop, dance-pop, pop-rock, electropop, and pop instrumental music only. Updates every Thursday.

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Unique sounds and offbeat tracks from various genres like Indie, Indiecoustica, Indie Pop, Modern Alternative, Alt Z.

I hope someone gives It a listen and discovers some new music! 🙂

I just want to share a Japanese playlist that I listen to daily

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