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Synth & Dark Wave with new and old artists

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Awesome List Of Songs Dear.. Kudos For The Share.. The Following Goes My List Of Songs:

Tech Noir - Gunship 2015
Hi Score - Botnit 2013
Third Eye Implant - Fixions 2017
Part Time God - The Bad Dreamers 2018
Electric Heat - Mechna Maiko 2018
Nepthimes - Gregorio Franco 2018
Electric Boogie - Damokles 2016
Soul Injection - Fixion 2017

Hope You Might Like Them..

Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

Hey – so nice! Here's my darkwave playlist with some all-time favourites but also some fresh tracks:

My After Dark playlist contains mixed genres, including some new wave / post punk / synth pop and dark wave artists that might be of interest you.  After Dark 

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