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[THEMATIC] [METAL] Awesome metal playlist


[THEMATIC] [METAL] Awesome metal playlist

Check out my metal playlist! It contains loads of awesome tracks 🙂

67 Replies


Nice one! You can never get enough metal! Smiley Very Happy

Iron Maiden | Judas Priest | Slayer | Pantera

So true 😄 I've got a lot more sweet playlists if you go into my profile on Spotify 🙂

how do I get to your profile?

@Bengan wrote:

So true 😄 I've got a lot more sweet playlists if you go into my profile on Spotify 🙂


write like this:



to come to the rest of my playlists 🙂 hope you enjoy! The lists that are named like "Power" or "Death" are in a playlist folder, but that's not shown in there. I put them all in a playlist folder named "Metal"  so it contains every sub-genre I usually listen to 🙂

Hope you like them!

Well. If you like metal you might enjoy (ah who am I kidding, you will enjoy them) my playlists sorted by release year. They are pretty massive, so beware. Look here:

with metallica this would be so best

Drop Dead  Check this Metal/deathcore songs! uppdate new songs 2-4 times in week! follow!

Good **bleep**

Big rock, metal and heavy playlist! 😄

Is it me or there are not many progressive metal playlist? 

WOW.  That's a fine playlist you have put together!!  \m/ Thank you for sharing!

Sjalar svarta som sot vandrat for nattlig blot.

If you're into Power / Symphonic metal or just anything 'epic', you might want to check out my list. I put a lot of effort into it already.


>> Traveler In Time <<

Great playlist!

If you don't mind, i'd like to share my playlist with you. I fill it with the fastest metal I can find.

What's a metal playlist worth without AC/DC...?




Nothing !!!!!!


check this one out too

-Otto Schnitzelbritches
(Musician, audiophile, sailor, and generally awesome dude.)

Thanks Bengan, I'm going to listen to it 🙂

Since I made this post, I've made a bunch of playlists and I'm actively working with the metal category at Spotify.

These are my top playlists:


Gothic/Symphonic Metal:

Progressive Metal:

Metal Gym Hours:

Death Metal:

Heavy Metal:


let me know what you guys think! 🙂

no wonder you got so many followers.. 


great playlist... 

I have a thing for crazy music, follow me to listen to check out my playlists..

If you like the post, please give KUDOS.
If i help you with something, accept as a solution, will be awesome..

Feel free to send a friend request, music network is infinite...

Thanks man! 🙂 appreciated.

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