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Hi, guys, here's my playlist of trap metal / dark trap with the best artists of this genre. I will update the playlist weekly. If you want to hear more of my playlist do not hesitate to follow me ^^

12 Replies

Great playlist! I love seeing playlists for this sub-genre. I've watched Trap Metal grow from basically nothing into possibly one of the best genres of all time.


I do have some song suggestions though 🙂


1. "R6B Z6MBIE" by Undead Papi

2. "6ix9ine's missing chains" by Beamon

3."Rage" by Rico Nasty

Hope you enjoy my suggestions!! 

Hey dude, here is some french Trap Metal ! Hope you'll love it.

Dude you should add some of Skilla O.P. Very different

Great Playlist ! If you want check artists King Yosef, Nascar Aloe, Zheani, Lord Gasp and goth. My playlist if you listen this artists


Some good suggestions here! I really liked Hélas, Belak, Depth Strida, Ashxs and Skilla O.P.


Ultrarare run the gamut


I think Qoiet technically makes dubstep but it's some of the most metal dance music (PhaseOne is another such artist)


This is probably nu-metal or something, with a rap verse in it


Maybe technically trap with metal vocal delivery


TWIK actually claims trap-metal, finally


I saw XANAKIN but Notions too!


Whang! of youtube fame is in this group


I would compare DoK to Hollywood Undead


Hey guys! It’s been a while since I shared the playlist. During this time I received a few messages with with some suggestions and even submissions. My intention with all this was to share my playlist for fun. But now i see and i have a couple of followers in the playlist (+100) lol. Anyway feel free to send a message to my email for anything. Share music, submissions or even be friends. I hope everyone is okay with this crazy situation. Peace ❤️







Hey man! Sorry for not answered you. I added a few songs to the playlist. Feel free to send a message to my email(**bleep**) with more suggestions 🙂

Updated with new tracks of new artists as XZARKHAN, Gizmo, Sinister, Tin KDVR, Pranav.Wav, Warlord Colossus, Triple777, KAMAARA


🗣Yall Tap In  To  New Single On #Spotify 💥💥💥  Qui-Rob-Boo - Scammer‼🌐🔒💥💥🦍

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