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The Best Playlists you're looking for. - VOL 1


The Best Playlists you're looking for. - VOL 1

Beautiful Life 🌻

A playlist to apppreciate life and drink coffee in the morning


Bailemos 💃

For a party, for dancing alone in your room... you decide.



Like old times 💽

Classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s, just get groovy!


Español ✌️

A collection of popular - not so popular latin songs in spanish, various genres, idk just song i like!


hh&rnb 🕶

The ultimate R&B/Hip Hop playlist, just chill music to vibe to


For the Soul 💛

This music heals the soul and you're born again.


Angst 💣

Music for the teenage emo kids out there going through a phase 


Pop-ish 💿

Mainstream music but gooood throwbacks 


Everlasting 🌹

Romantic music / acoustic classics, just enjoy 


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