The Theme Show

The Theme Show


Hello, I run a series of Spotify Playlists based on a weekly theme.


My playlists differ from the usual Spotify playlist in that they are not necessarily a specific genre, but rather a compilation based on the mood and subject matter of a weekly topic.


This week's theme is : Pool Party


New Themes usually come out each Saturday or Sunday.

To see the past themes please visit my Spotify profile


PLEASE NOTE: The playlists are meant to me listened to as a mix. Best if played in order (not shuffle) with a 12s crossfade.

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I love your Shark Week playlist! So fun! Most of my playlists are also compilations rather than genre driven. Like this one:


Awesome, I'll check yours out. Great to hear from you!

I've been doing this for a while now in other formats, but Spotify playlists are something I've transitioned to recently - nice to know it's getting listeners! 🙂

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