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Thotumn Rap Playlist


Thotumn Rap Playlist

Hey guys,


I created a new emo rap-inspired fall playlist called "Thotumn Blues" featuring good vibes from artists like Juice WRLD, iann dior, Lil Skies, Yung Pinch, and more. We've all survived hot girl summer and now here's a new fire playlist to get you through the thotumn blues. Follow if you like what you hear and please share your thotumn/autumn rap playlists and comment song suggestions in this thread.



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@Nadya_Alexandra wrote:

Dope I like it!


I would only recommend to take a name that more people are more eager to search for. It would help to get more followers.


Also, if you need something similar but a bit more focus on melodic tunes, try following Mellow Music and let me know your thoughts!!

Thanks, I dig your vibe. I will definitely listen for some new music ideas.

Anyone have song suggestions for this playlist? I know there's more good music out there

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