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Tips to increase playlist followers


Tips to increase playlist followers

Hi all,

I am new to this community and I am beginning to enter in the playlist world since the pandemic make me realise how important is music in my life and how songs have helped me, and still do, to face life and emotions. 

Anyone of you want to share some tips on how reach people and increase my playlist followers? 

If you are interested in listening and would help me I also leave here the link of my playlist:

Thank you in advance! 

3 Replies

Hi, welcome to the community! Here are some tips.


1. Create a unique name

don’t just title your playlist Pop Hits. Include in the title the feeling you get from listening to your playlist, like Upbeat Pop Hits. 

2. Include your best song at the top

listeners will hear the top ten songs to decide whether to like it or not. Include the most popular songs at the top and only add songs in the playlist that you like not what you think others will find the best.


3. Promote

Post your playlist in the audio exchange or on other topics. You can also just post a top ic like, The Best Upbeat Pop Hits and include your link and the description. Post your playlist in a smaller playlist exchange with less than 100 replies so you get more views!


4. Keep it updated and small, but no too much

50 songs is a good goal, as well as updating every fortnight or weekly. But don’t delete too many songs, as people may love those the most about your playlist!


5. Choose the best, and don’t steal from other playlists

Only pick the best songs that you love, and don’t just add songs from every album or another playlist. Be special and be you. 

hope this helps ❤️

Hi!  It doesn't matter how many songs you have in one playlist. I'm following a playlist that has over 2,000 songs with 1,500 followers. Keep your playlist updated weekly with your best songs at the top. Avoid having the same artist side by side and attract your audience with a catchy name .  Playlist Art is critical so make it  "Unique" What I did to gain followers is to post on reddit in "Spotify Playlists" topic. Good Luck

make some nice playlist pictures

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