Trance Gems, the best uplifting trance!

Trance Gems, the best uplifting trance!

Only the best trance tracks are added. tracks must have strong melodies and a good drive. Goosebumps guaranteed!


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Nice playlist

"Trance Gems" .. what an appropriate title.
Gives you that little warm fuzz in the belly doesn't it 🙂

Ahhh, where would we be without trance ?
Most folks need coffee and nicotine or maybe alcohol, where-as my addiction is trance.

Great list!

Love the playlist!!
Here's my ultimate trance playlist... tell me what you think!

Best Progressive Psy Trance Remixes


Are you a producer ? Send us your track and we might include it. Follow the link in the description of the playlist.

Great playlist! My list is not so long, but perfect for your workout 🙂

Nice playlist love Bixx Rebirth great tune

here is me classic trance with a few newbies in there, watch out for Brian Eno though lol

Awesome Trance Soundscapes. Great current uplifting trance. Constantly updated.

Enjoy 😉



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