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Tropical House


Tropical House

Didn´t find a thread about this genre. 


How many of you likes trop house? This genre has got big in such a short time, I bet there is still more artists that I´ve never heard of. So if you have any suggestion on tracks in this genre, post them here!


I can start with a track from the founder of Tropical house, Thomas Jack - Rivers.

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I LOVE Thomas Jack!

Don´t we all! Such a great track. He seems like a cool dude too.

Here's a playlist i put together:


If you like it, feel free to share



Hi there, you might like this track... its Called Destiny..


Hey I would love for you to check out my song and for you to please follow me! (Just click the buttons below!!!!)


Feel free to add it to any playlists if you love it! (Let me know if you follow me or anything and I will return the favor!)



Saude @aviehman!  Thx for the playlist 😃


Not all tropical house but the vibe fits pretty good I guess!

I am a Tropical House producer from Chile


I hope you like my song Ocean Air  😃

I love that Tropical House track! Hit of the summer undoubtely 🙂


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