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Ultimate Rock Playlist- Took Years to Build


Ultimate Rock Playlist- Took Years to Build

Some people like their playlist short, sweet and to a point. Not me. Over the years, I've built up a rock playlist based on simple notion: If I liked it, it got in. I didn't care how big it got. It would span many genres of rock from many different time periods. 60's flower power, 70's funk, 80s metal, 90's alternative. It didn't matter. I stopped putting labels on them. And the resulting currently stands at 2,437 songs. Some may look at this playlist and call it a mess. A sloppy mismatch of genres and artists. Fair enough. But I look it and think it's a beautiful collage encompassing the best of rock. If this kind of variety sounds appealing to you, if you're willing to expand your horizons, and if you're willing to take a deep dive, then I hope you will enjoy Playlist Omega. I did not set up this playlist in any order, and that is by design. It is meant to be shuffled, so you will have a unique exerience each time.


And if you don't enjoy it, well, it's my vision and I won't compromise. But even then I hope you discover some songs you like.

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Nice List, i made a playlist similar, check it out!

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