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Underrated Rap 2020/Best songs from the Underground


Underrated Rap 2020/Best songs from the Underground


This is the first underground playlist I ever made with a friend, Had a ton of fun making it but it still has incredible playback value.

We update weekly so if you got any suggestions of any songs or artist then message me here always happy to collab. Always on the lookout for new music 😃 remember to drop a follow 📲 if you haven't already 🧚‍♂️


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are you from el paso? I listen local! just one state over check this guy out:)

I'm from Colombia not From el Paso  but i always wanted to visit el Paso :v

ark sounds good kind of original, i will check him out tomorrow and see if he deserves a place in the playlist :))



wow, soo slept on xD. definitely worth mentioning cuz he got a good variety of songs with different melodies and flows and they don't sound the same for example lil mosey. Thanks for the reply 




aye, nice playlist man, I think this would fit on it idk, if not lemme know your thoughts on this released a week ago


Drake Y4L

Hey im lovin this playlist, i seen you added bones so i had to listen loll (Huge bones fan btw), i have a track with my homie that i think would go great with your playlist, here it is, lemme know what you think!

i checked your spotify and you almost nailed "i dont want the truth" you just needed more energy.

but very good song indeed , i don't know if you can get recognition from me but you surely can with patrick.

so try DM patrick cc he's got his own Yt and TTV channel where he promotes underground artist like you as he does this for a living, you can ask him for a listen  and get featured on the stream or one of his videos if you are lucky.

 his second channel JOTA CREATE MORE if you got a any music/video.

You got something going on bro don't give up! i find myself like, the more i listen to this song the better.

good bars and solid flow, the production could have gone better cuz its a little distorted but its alright, fits well in my playlist.  [ADDED :D]

hey you should contact Patrick cc immediately cuz you surely on some talent. check out his channel and you will know what i mean.

if you have time you should tell your friends about the playlist that would be highly appreciated

old school vibezz love it


aye thanks for checking my music man and much love, glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback too. I know about Patrick cc I don't think he will check my dms as he is so big though, you find any luck contacting him anyhow? 



nah, much more like a lurking shadow, i don't engage with all his content,but you can try send him an email  and send your soundcloud or whatever it is, its better to try, he got 270k so he isn't that enorm you can still get his attention.

Every once in a while he streams where he checks out fans new music, and points out if the song was good or bad, "constructive  criticism" this could help you along the road, also before everything prepare to hear the worst from people and don't take it personally just keep doing what you are meant 2 do 🙂



oh its cool man I'll give it a shot, trying is better than nothing for sure, and yea been already getting a lot of criticism from a lot of people I don't mind particularly music is something I do for my self-satisfaction and not to please others even though I always have other people in mind so that I write it in a way for people to connect with. so yea haha, really appreciate your time man much love.


updated the playlist,i added a most of the of tracks you mentioned also more of his stuff, i don't have much time atm, so if you know alot of sybyr's music can you enlighten me with the best from sybyr that isn't already in the playlist? that would be alot easier for me thanks 🙂

(Don't need to add the URL's or the links just so that it doesn't fill the whole wall)

 i thought it was the other way around c: , some make music for fun others don't.


as though there are different phases in life where people think they can make music, and then eventually find out that making music isn't something for them.

not saying that you can't but to be honest you make better music than most of my friends 😄 


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