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Unique [No Generic] EDM Playlist [Updated weekly]


Unique [No Generic] EDM Playlist [Updated weekly]

Next Generation of EDM! Updated every week with new 🔥! Next Gen is here, follow for the newest next gen music! The best playlist for unique and innovative EDM music! High Energy | Heavy Bass 🔊

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Hey there bro, 

Love the vibe that you've curated with this playlist here. You earned yourself a new follower (: Super cool of you for putting on for the new generation of electronic producers. I just released  a high energy tech house tune that came out on an ADE Various Artist Compilation. Hope you enjoy, and if you do then I would really appreciate you adding it to your playlist. 



Hey, do you think maybe my song might fit the playlist? 🙂 I tried to make it high energy 🙂

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