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Unknown / Upcoming Artists , this post is for us !


Unknown / Upcoming Artists , this post is for us !

Hello fellow artists ! Gathering streams is pretty hard , as you can see ! But this post is here for you ! Simply listen to this song provided below , and then reply with a song of yours , or a song from a band you really like e.t.c ! Let's see how this goes !

142 Replies

Thanks! This is extremely helpful (hopefully). I just launched my first single: “Pizza” but I only have like 20 listeners, who are all people I know...


Here's one of my songs; I just released it and is more targeted to chill beats with a minimalistic sound!

Ay artist from Flint Michigan LISTEN TO THIS BANGER

Recommended if you like:


Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Sleeping At Last


Neo-classical, tape delayed, relaxing and focus-oriented piano music!



Ev Young, of Smyrna, Georgia, consistently creates music that pushes the boundaries of what rap music could/should be. His eccentric music can brighten up the room, along with his unique melodic vocals.

I like the editing on this! It reminds me of a Zedd esk sound. Its really nice! Do you think you have the time to check out my song and give some feedback?

this is a vibe !!!!

real hip hop my dude!!

im bumping this jawn. Heat bro!! loving the old school sound!

I'm hearing you!  Listened to your song.  Here is one of mine.




Thanks for this opportunity to share. The ATL is always cooking up something new. Check out Zion Moore new r&b single. "He Say She Say."

If you're into a little r&b check out this single "He Say She Say." Zion Moore


Thanks got my first like. I appreciate the love. Look me up on IG:@iamziondafro

Here is a song I just released about two weeks ago. It’s real. Very melancholic. My biggest inspiration is ‘The Weeknd’. Let me know what you think! Thanks.

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