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Unknown / Upcoming Artists , this post is for us !


Unknown / Upcoming Artists , this post is for us !

Hello fellow artists ! Gathering streams is pretty hard , as you can see ! But this post is here for you ! Simply listen to this song provided below , and then reply with a song of yours , or a song from a band you really like e.t.c ! Let's see how this goes !

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Hey guys!

I'm a young producer fron France. I produce every kind of music so do not hesitate to listen to my EP's and singles! Have fun 🙂

Pristine Hyur

Hey I just listened to your song I really liked it ! Here's my most recent single below its a very chill vibe:


Hey  there !


Newcomer in this community. I would just like to share my band's Track called "Space Migrant". I hope you enjoy it !





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