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Unknown modern / neoclassical piano composers needed!


Unknown modern / neoclassical piano composers needed!

Hi! I'm looking for good but not very well-known piano composers. Music similar to Jeop Beving, Chad Lawson, Doldmund compositions - yes. Music similar to Dirk Maassen's - sorry but no. Please give me track so I can add them to my playlist.

7 Replies

You should check out Indiepiano by Norwegian composer and pianist Lars Jakob Rudjord. Beautiful neoclassical piano music with a distinct Nordic sound.



Hello! Hope you will like my work

It's my second single I describe somewhere between Instrumental, Experimental, Piano, Solo and Jazzy genres. 

Thanks for the playlist, good compilation.

Hi there 🙂

I’m releasing an album that takes the listener on a journey through mental illness recovery. 
Just seeing if it resonates with anyone. 
Here’s a link to the Spotify page:
Cheers! Enjoy!

Hello my friend,

I want to share you you my music, If you like it and want to add it it It would be much appreciated 🙂


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