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Unsigned Artists Playlist


Unsigned Artists Playlist

This is Breadsticks Records' first playlist, which features unsigned artists we've discovered. We will be putting out a new playlist later this month!

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Hello! I have 3 tracks on my Spotify profile for your consideration. Thank you 🙂

Hey! I'm an unsigned artist and I have a couple songs you might enjoy in the realm of alt. pop, pop rnb, emo trap!

You can't miss this one!!

Hi there,

Hope you're well, if you get a free moment please will you check out my latest single 'Eruption'.

Really hope you enjoy,



I would love to be considered for the playlist!

Hello, if you have a second please check out my band - The Natural Philosophers WIth Attitude. This playlist show cases our best tracks. It would be excellent to get your feedback.

Hey there ! 

Released my newest single "Whatever Forever" on 8/27/21! Let me know what you think? It's alt pop!



Hey guys, RKS Newton is an unassigned artist with two nice songs you might enjoy:

Thank you for listening 🙂

Now we have 5 songs, the latest song My Way Home came out a week ago 😊😎🎤



Hi 🙂

I'm an independent artist who just released his first single. If you like what you hear leave a like ❤️ but you don’t have to repost it if you don’t want to. Thank you for your valuable time. 



Here's Canadian artist's KINGZMN album/playlist! Check it out if you like Dance/R&B vibes!

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