Post any playlist that you think give you different vibes altogether and I'll follow. It could be any playlist, across all genres. 


Here's mine. It's a mix of Indietronic, Indie Rock, Psychedelic, Neo-psychedelic and Soft rock. Perfect for experiencing a different headspace like the name suggests. Keep grinding. Love you guys ❤️


Thanks and cheers!

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Hello there, dropped a like!

Hopefully, you're doing well!
Got a few nice songs for you to listen to, if you like it then please add it to your playlist and possibly follow TooGoodForTV as more songs are coming out soon.
Much love,

Kyan. Already follow your playlist. You had posted this in music chat. It's sick 

Jcnfia. Looks promising. Look forward to listening. Followed both. Cheers!

Followed all postings here. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

Followed all new postings. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated. 


These ladies have soul and vibe.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks



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