Vintage electric pianos and organs

Vintage electric pianos and organs

Obsessions with Wurlitzer 200A and other models, 5 year running collection of fave songs with electric piano or organ, primarily legacy machines with that distinct sound.

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Great great research here!


I made a small instrumental swing groove with a RMI Electra piano that you might enjoy:



Oooh, charming track. Love that photo/artwork. 

Thank you!

And thanks for adding it, really honoured to be in such company 🙂 !


Have you ever heard of the Dubreq pianomate?

I'm using one on my new single coming out this Friday 22nd March.

Wasn't my intention initially but if you'd like to check it out this is my profile:

I have a playlist with a similar concept. It has songs with organs and synthesizers.

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